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    Welcome to our Family History forum.:D

    Our aim is to offer mutual FREE help to each other in tracing our ancestors, following our family trees, and putting flesh on the skeletons that we discover. If we do not know an answer we will certainly be able to point you in the right direction to find one.

    Whether you are just starting out on your family history journey or have been following your genealogy for some time, why not join our friendly community.

    Please visit New to Our Forum to introduce yourself once you have registered. Just a short introduction is fine to tell us how you fell into this wonderful obsessi… erm... hobby of ours. ;)

    Then, take a look at Finding Your Way and Rules. There are a couple of “stickies” there that will help you to see what’s what.

    Oh yes - if you could pop into your profile and update your location, that would help us as well. Then, we won't suggest that you pop into the National Archives in London for instance if you live in Canada! ;)

    Have fun and enjoy yourself. :D
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