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What a difference an "i" makes!

Discussion in 'BMD Certificates' started by kernowmaid, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. kernowmaid

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    St Austell, Cornwall
    Who writes out these "certified copies"?
    For years I've been working from this one - my great granma's marriage:
    1894 Vickers & Scott.jpg
    and, assuming that the Anne Vickers (witness) was my great great granma, have never been able to find her death, the only suitable one appearing to be 1873 - ten years before this marriage!

    And now I have sight of an "original certified copy":
    1894 SCOTT VICKERS (1).jpg
    See the difference? Anne was never referred to as Annie, so ... could it be ... that 1873 death is correct?

    Sent for the death certificate - address & husband correspond with what I know ...
    So who is ANNIE Vickers?

    More investigation - and it appears that my gt gt grandfather remarried in 1874 and had 6 more children, including an ANNIE!!

    So not only does a little "i" knock down a brick wall, it introduces me to a whole new family that none of us cousins knew existed!!

    Who says that Spelling isn't important!

    PS: Mods - the links in the Certificates "sticky" does not appear to be working.
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    Being updated. ;)

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