What became of George and Sarah Parkhouse?

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    The Sarah buried in 1766 is a non conformist - in fact Quaker. Fry is
    common in the West Country - it comes from 'free' as free of serfdom.
    So big family of Quaker Frys and lots of others who may or may not
    have been related earlier. The Quakers made chocolate.

    Marriage at Henbury
    1747 May 6 George Fry & Jane WHITTINGTON

    Baptisms at St Philip & St Jacob
    1749 Jun 9 Hetty d George Fry
    1751 Apr 18 Margaret d George Fry
    1753 Aug 22 Jane d George Fry
    then an eight year gap
    1765 Apr 8 Sarah d George & Jane Fry born 10 Dec 1761 priv bap a few days later
    1765 Apr 8 Ann d George & Jane Cheese Lane
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    Orange, NSW Australia. The Colour City.
    So the Sarah born 1761 died a few days later and the second Sarah born 1765? maybe the second Sarah and Ann were twins.
    No forget all that....:rolleyes:
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