When You Hit a Brick Wall

Discussion in 'Research Hints' started by Guy, May 2, 2013.

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    1 : Review your research to date, have you jumped to conclusions, try to determine what information would help you progress.

    2 : Have you learnt of new relationships that might have helped when you searched the records the first time?

    3 : If your ancestors vanished were they non-conformists? Study the forenames they may give a clue to religous leanings.

    4 : Have you checked the neighbouring parishes, check these one by one in a widening circle.

    5 : If a baptism does not show up check later years in case they were baptized late, or even as an adult.

    6 : Check local records, poll books, court rolls, newspapers, hearth tax and other tax returns, school registers, trade directories and anything that may record your ancestor.

    7 : Check co-lateral lines and female lines, there may be mentions in their documents, perhaps a witness at a marriage.

    8 : If you are really stuck try tracing bondsman and witnesses lines they may lead back to a family connection that will help trace your mainline.

    9 : The IGI and transcribed registers may help if searched using a shotgun approach, i.e. amassing all occurrences of a name in an area in the hope of extracting a lead.

    10 : Read wills and probates of all connected with your family there may be a mention in an uncle's will that may provide the clues you need.
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