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Discussion in 'Lancashire' started by MattFow, Nov 18, 2020.

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    Apologies everyone for the very long delay in responding to this post. I had moved on to other lines and Mum asked me today if I had anything on the parents of Mary Ann Wilde. So then remembered this thread.

    @Grizel I have seen that article before :)

    @Chimp it certainly seems to confirm the children of John and Mary Ann.

    @Grams I'll have to keep looking some other way. Not planning on doing DNA tests anytime soon. My mum's cousin did one and apparently we come from the Isle of Wight/Wright... which there is no record of in any of the family history I've been doing. So not sure how accurate it is.

    So I guess we go with John Edward or maybe Edward as my Mum suggested recently.

    Thanks agin all.
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    Just recently I have been in touch with cousins in the UK who have letters written by John Edward Wilde jnr (John Edward's son) who came to Australia around 1857 and settled on the Hawkesbury River in NSW. He wrote 3 letters back home to his brother George, the last one was in 1860 inquiring about his mother and sisters. But this part is of interest......
    "Send my love to all my Sisters if you should see any of them you can tell them where I am I should like to know in your next whether you have heard from Jane or no, If you have you will let me know whether she is in this country or in England. I hope Joseph’s wife is quite well and the little ones and yours also."
    So there was obviously talk about immigrating to Australia in the family. I'm beginning to think that Mary Ann is perhaps your relative Matt. I haven't been able to find Mary Ann or Jane in the UK.
    My grandmother Hursey Wilde 1862 daughter of Joseph came to Australia under a scheme bringing servants to WA in the 1890's. She was in contact with her family in the UK (letters & visits) but never mentioned other family who immigrated here before her. But when she married she dropped her age by 10 years, so maybe she didn't want to be found out.

    all the best for now Carmel
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