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Discussion in 'Non U.K. Forces' started by Peregrine, Feb 6, 2015.

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    I just had a phone call from the Australian War Memorial and was advised that they will be correcting my great grandfather's age at death on the basis of an email I sent them recently. Basically, I explained that I believed that William had understated his age by 9 years when he enlisted in the 8th Lighthorse Regiment and that he was actually 54 not 45 years of age when he died at the Battle of Magdhaba on the 23 Dec 1916 and why I believed this to be the case.

    I was simply asking whether and how the information about his age could be corrected and what documentation they would need. But they rang to tell me that on the basis of what I had advised in my email they would be correcting his age on their records. And that they would send me an email next week with a link to the amended record. I am very surprised and very pleased! <|:)
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    Well done Peregrine :)
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    Excellent news, Peregrine. It just goes to show that it is worth following through on these things. :)

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