World War 1 internment records

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    My wife's grandfather - Ferdinand Darrer - was Austrian and was interned for the duration.

    From what my wife has told me, her mother was born 20 March 1919. This would indicate some kind of 'conjugal visit' mid 1918. I am hopeful that I can develop more information about the camp he was in and what his life was like during this period.

    Ferdinand died 11 January 1944 and my wife's mother died 9 November 1949. As my wife was only 18 months old when her mother died, she has no knowledge of her grandfather and we have been struggling for years to find out more about his early life.

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    For more information about the internment camps at Knockaloe and Douglas see


    and the links given there.

    There's a short guide to looking for records of internees here:


    The First World War section begins very unpromisingly ('Very few records of individual internees survive for the First World War...') but goes on to give details of some lists held at the National Archives. According to the National Archives' catalogue, these records have not been digitised and cannot be downloaded. You would therefore need to commission an independent researcher to look at them for you.

    Hope this helps

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