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Discussion in 'County Tipperary' started by Peregrine, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Yarragon, Victoria, Australia
    Hi and welcome to this amazing group.
    I am descended from James Bowles and Elizabeth Barber’s daughter Jane who married Joseph Winnett. I did not have your John as a son of James and Elizabeth but it seems possible to me. They were married in 1812 and he was born 3 or 4 years later. The earliest child I had was William born 1820 who travelled to Australia and arrived 7 Jan 1840 aboard the Alfred.
    I have added your John to my tree so that I can do some research on him and determine how he might fit. But perhaps you can confirm which webpage you are referring to as the Bowles Silvermines site.
    I see you live in Warragul, so we are quite close as I am in Yarragon. If you would like to discuss further in person let me know and I will send you a personal message.
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    Small world! Just 15 minutes apart! :D
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    That's amazing and I am thrilled! I am sure John and William must be related,we just need to find the link. The website I found the information on is simply called The Bowles of Tipperary. Under that site, I found this:
    ""Bowles in North Tipperary
    There are just a few records (so far) for a James Bowles family living near Silvermines in North Tipperary which had one son who emigrated to Australia in 1840. Did he have other sons? James was a shoemaker as were the Boles of Fethard, in fact the occupation of shoemaker seems to run throughout the Boles/Bowles of Ireland as well as in Canada. See The Bowles of Silvermines.
    So I assumed he was an only son and came to Australia, then I later found William.
    Yes we must meet and you can message me viviennehelps on Facebook. My maiden name is Bowles. Look forward to further contact or meeting
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    New Friends, great :D
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